Monday, October 26, 2015

Back in Kamengo October 2015 - Education Mission #2

After school the local children come to the Agnes Zabali Boys & Girls Club to play basketball, work in our computer room and/or just generally play with different sports equipment available.  The children seem able to ‘have a go’ at whatever activities we can think of and generally exceed our expectations in agility and skill. They love basketball and Uncle Miiro spends hours running them through technical skills practice before playing games.  Skipping is another favourite and if the skip rope is long enough and you have two strong people turning it, you can have up to seven girls and boys running in to jump in unison and then erupt into a fit of giggles when one of them mis-steps.

Friday evening we were treated to an evening of song and dance. I was very touched when the evening began with a prayer of remembrance for those who have died - Agnes Zabali and for my Mum who passed away just three weeks ago. It is a real credit to the youth of Kamengo that on a Friday night, in midst of the fun of having visitors and putting on a show, they have the care and respect to remember others.  Of course as with any dancing – the visitors were called up on stage and some (Alex in particular) clearly caught onto the local moves.

But none of us could come even close to the dancing of Dianna, Somaila and Deo.

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