Saturday, April 15, 2017

Teaching at St. Anne’s Ggoli Primary School

The teachers (Erin, Merey, Alicia and Hunter) are working just with two classes in the school (Grades 4 and 5). They are co-teaching which is working well as the Grade 5 class has 89 children in it and the Grade 4 around 60.  My hope is that next year more teacher candidates will want to join the project and we can cover more classes in the school over our 3-week practicum. Rather than a lot of text - today I am hoping the photos tell our story

Merey getting to know some of the more senior students at St. Anne's.

Sister Betty the principal and her teachers are very welcoming of the teachers and are most appreciative of whatever resources we can provide. Out of our project funds we managed to purchase one copy of the Uganda textbooks for Science, Math, Social Studies and English for each year level (Primary 1 – 7; 28 books) plus some children’s atlases and dictionaries. These cost UGX578,000 which is approximately $120CAD.  Schools typically have just one or two copies of the set texts that are protectively guarded by the teacher of that year level. This is the same for high school where students do not have access to textbooks but rather spend time copying notes that the teacher has made on the board from the one textbook. The AZBGC has a small library where we have tried to ensure there are copies of all high school text books so the older children have a resource to study from in evenings.

We also had the opportunity last week to visit our students at Muto Primary School. We have five students there this year and we always love to visit and take along the Mum of two of our boys - Jimmy and Everist.  We can always count on an extra special smile from Jimmy when we take his Mum to visit.

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