Sunday, April 9, 2017

Weekend 8th & 9th April

The first week went by in a flash: The four teachers continue to walk to school each day to teach Grades 4 and 5. They gather company of little ones along the way.

After school is done the younger children gather in the center to work on reading and drawing or other activities. 

They seem to enjoy having the time and space to create drawings either from the story Erin reads to them or on other familiar subjects.

 The younger ones love coloring-in and are very very good at it considering the limited experience they would have had.

Linda arrived on Friday ready to begin her business and career planning workshops on Monday with the older students and university graduates. We had a film night on Friday which was enjoyed by little and big kids alike – Moana!

Saturday, we rented two vans and took many children and youth for a day of rides and water slides at Wonder World. The smiles and shrieks told the story as do the photos below. even Miiro took to one of the rides seen here on the Octopus Ride with Pius.

We were able to take our own lunch and found a great shelter where kids could have their rice and cabbage and a soda - the soda being a bit of a treat

Swimming is always the big favourite but as you can see the pool at the foot of the slides was super crowded!!

 The children all got their faces painted - batman, spiderman are alive and well in Uganda!

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